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OldPain2Go® Treatment

Have you had pain for more than a few months?

You know you have a physical problem and it may have caused you pain for a long time. You probably have a diagnosis by now to confirm it. It may be something such as arthritis, sciatica, ongoing pain from an injury or surgery, or even a more complex chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia, ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Whichever it is, if you are reading this, then it is no doubt painful and it can easily dominate your life. When a pain is chronic, it is common to hear that medical professionals have investigated it and fully treated it as best as they can and arrived at a point where they explain that nothing further can be done.


What if something could be done to remove your old pain?

Pain is a complex and highly sophisticated protective mechanism; our bodies can experience pain with or without the presence of tissue damage. If, for example, we pick a tea bag from a hot cup of water with our fingers, we can experience pain, but no damage occurs. Pain is a way of the body getting our attention to act, once that action has been taken the pain experience usually goes away.   

Pain also depends upon the brain evaluating a massive amount of information, not just danger it also considers your emotions, thoughts and beliefs as well as your circumstances. Sometimes our pain can continue to protect us, even after the tissue has healed – causing ongoing chronic pain.

Using the OLDPain2Go®treatment approach, we can address the protective pain programme in your body that is continuing to run without your awareness, enabling us to have the potential to reset your pain. This can mean a reduction or even a complete removal or your pain in one session. 

OldPain2Go® involves a full medical history and objective examination. We will look at any other contributing factors and the actual treatment is a simple process where you will be in total control. No hypnosis or trance is required, just a logical explanation for the basis for the pain and how it no longer serves you a purpose. You do not need to believe in the technique, but you have to want to let go of your pain. 

When you feel ready please call or email me for more information on booking an OldPain2Go® session. You will be so glad you took that next step.

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The OldPain2Go® treatment approach can be carried out both face to face or over skype. 

The session typically lasts about 1 hour and includes:

  • Full History
  • Objective Examination 
  • OldPain2Go® Treatment
  • Follow up - usually a week later

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Science is teaching us now through functional MRI scanning, that physical and emotional pains stimulate the same part of the sensory motor cortex of the brain. This means that when someone feels stressed in any way at all that it can stimulate a pain pathway that already exists due to the injury. It becomes such an easy pathway to trigger that only a small amount of physical movement is required to cause that pain again and believe it or not, even stressful thoughts can trigger the same pathway and cause pain.

Essentially any stress you feel triggers a ‘fight or flight’ response and this can occur without you even noticing it. This response can continue for years. The only thing you are aware of is the current level of pain and because of what you believe or understand, you think that the pain has an entirely physical cause. Once you understand that stress is a driver for the ongoing pain and that your body is merely in a protective state running an overprotective programme, then with OldPain2Go® you can target that programme as a way of helping yourself let go of the pain.

A specific technique that is used within the approach unlocks the mechanism behind releasing the pain and allows the body to totally relax. It does not take long and once completed the signs and symptoms are reassessed.