Privacy Policy

In order for Mind and Movement Physiotherapy (MMP) to carry out assessments and treatments with clients, we require clients consent to collect and process their personal data.  This document explains the personal data we collect and how we use it. 


MMP complies with UK data protection laws and all medical and clinical confidentiality guidelines; the Health & care Professions council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.  

Data Collection: 

  • Personal, contact and medical details will be required prior to assessment and treatment 
  • Clients past medical history and present condition will be required to carry out a full subjective and objective examination to help form an appropriate treatment plan 
  • Contact details are needed so we are able to contact clients regarding appointments 
  • Medical information helps to inform a diagnosis and or treatment modalities/approaches 
  • All data is collected and documented on a paper based form 
  • The information collected enables MMP to provide the best assessment and treatment outcome for its clients 
  • Only MMP has access to clients personal data  

Data Storage:  

Paper records are stored in a locked filling cabinet, unless being used at the time of treatment MMP is required to hold data for 7 years for tax purposes. After this time, personal data is shredded.